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Our academy is designed to be a completely free, and effective source of educational content. We provide trading guides, and complex trading strategies that will enhance your knowledge in crypto, as well increase your profitability. 

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WhaleStreet Essential Tips


This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of some proper techniques that should be utilized when trading the markets.

Technical Analysis (Part 1)


Learn from one of the most successful traders how to trade by diving into some of the many technical analysis tools, and how to successfully make use of them.


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I’ve been constantly returning to this website to acquire new information regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments for weeks now. The knowledge shared in these genius, and completely free books are surely something more people should take advantage of.

Elizabeth Apartat

Cryptocurrency Investor 

I’ve been trading for over 3+ years and the knowledge that I’ve learned from the books in Whale Academy have strengthened my understanding on several topics that I previously struggled in, specifically risk management, and technical analysis.¬†

Arnold Smith

Full-time Student Abroad